Blood Obsession: Erik Leighs can’t be bought

Things will never be the same again. Bobbi sat across from Bridgeport Off Duty Police Officer Erik Leighs. “I want to thank you for seeing me.” Bobbi looked down at her feet. Erik reached across the table and lifted her chin.  “Look at me when you speak. I need to see your eyes.”  His hand was warm against her flesh. She lifted her head and stared into his dark brown eyes. “I’m sorry, gosh I say that a lot to you. But I am. I never meant for you to get into trouble. I never realized well.” She inhaled deeply. “I never realized my actions were so selfish. I am used to getting my way.” Erik stared at her, making Bobbi feel uneasy yet excited at the same time. “So you never thought I would call you on your bad behavior? You were lucky I didn’t drag you over my knee for a spanking.” Bobbi’s eyes widened. Feeling sorry for her he finally laughed.

Bobbi sat quietly reading her finance assignment thinking she would rather put pins in her eyes. She heard the key in the latch and happily looked up as Erik came in the door. His face looked gaunt. “What’s wrong? Bobbi jumped to her feet. “Dead three-year old. Father beat her to death. Mother let him.” He shook his head reflecting the pain. “What can I do?” Bobbi moved closer to him. Erik met her hazel eyes with his and grabbed her kissing her passionately. “Baby make me feel alive.”

Bobbi smiled a wicked smile. She pulled her sweatshirt over her head exposing the floral silk bra that held her full breasts. She stepped out of the sweat pants to display the matching panties. Erik held his breath. Dropping to her knees, Bobbi reached for his belt. Watching Erik’s face, she slid open his belt and pulled it free. She unbuttoned the jeans and slid down the zipper. Erik kicked off his sneakers and stepped free from the jeans. Bobbi slipped her fingers around the waistband of his briefs and slipped them down his legs. He stood naked from the waist down in front of her. Bobbi ran her hands up his legs blowing her breath wet and hot against him. Erik closed his eyes as she took him into her soft mouth. Slowly she guided him deeply into the back of her throat. She massaged his buttocks as she moved back and forth against him. Erik slipped his fingers along the cups of her bra taunting her nipples with his fingers. She sighed against him, bringing him closer to ecstasy. She increased her pace causing him to run his fingers through her hair. Bobbi circled her tongue and Erik exploded. Slipping from her warm confining mouth, he pulled her to her feet. Kissing her hard, Erik picked her up and deposited her on her back on the couch.


Blood Obsession: Roberta

New York society was gathered to raise money for promoting art in city schools. Evelyn and Arthur Wallace purchased a table at Waldorf Gala. Their law firm would me making a $1,000,000 contribution. Roberta sat with her occasion date Andrew Marcus and her parents partners in the firm. Tonight she wore the uniform of Roberta. A one shouldered black silk floor length dress. Her hazel eyes highlighted in smokey green makeup. Her lips blushed with a bright red. Around her neck she wore an emerald necklace that glimmered in the light. Andrew’s hand remained possessively on her knee despite her quiet attempts to slip free.

“Roberta, this is your last night to back out of your little folly.” Andrew smirked. Bobbi as she preferred o be called pushed his hand away again. “Andrew, tomorrow I graduate as a New York police officer. It is my career, not a folly.” She shook her head. Andrew’s dad looked at his son with dismay. “Leave the poor girl alone.” Trying to come to her aid. “That’s the point Dad. She is not poor.” Arthur Wallace stood and took his daughter’s hand. “Come dance with your old man.” He escorted her into the crowd on the dance floor.

The next morning Bobbi sat in her blue uniform. Madison Square Garden was filled with 1000 new police officers. Graduation occurring in time to be on the streets for New Years Eve in Time Square. She was pleased to actually have an excuse rather than see Andrew again. Her parents remained deeply hopeful that they would marry one day.

Bobbi listened attentively as her comrades were bestowed service awards. The Police Commissioner spoke of each ones accomplishments. “This is a first in our department history. The Deputy Commissioner of training award for firearms proficiency goes to  24 year old probationary police officer Roberta Wallace with a score of 100 percent. Officer Wallace is a college graduate and is proficient in two languages.

Bobbi rose to applause to accept her award.  Cameras flashed as she stood with the mayor and the police commissioner. “I would rather be in this uniform.” She quietly mused to herself.

That night after a perfunctory family celebratory dinner Bobbi slipped away to join her colleagues at a midtown cop bar. Flannery’s owned by a retired State Police Officer, was dark and loud. The sound of ice clinking filled the air. Bobbi sat in a large booth with 6 of her classmates. She sipped a beer as they bantered about their new assignments. They toasted. “Tomorrow a new beginning.”

Blood Obsession: Day at the range

The sun beat down on them. Its orange ball breathed fire. Bobbi stood with her cadet class listening to Sargent Curtis Montgomery from the firearms and tactics section speak about gun safety. This was the first live shoot at the Rodman’s Neck range. Bobbi stared at the basic circular paper target. They would be asked to hit center mass at the target. The statistics were appalling as most police officers could not hit the side of a barn in a crisis situation. “Concentration and focus.” Montgomery prattled on. Her group took position at the firing point. The instructors paced behind them. Goggles and ear protection on. Bobbi noticed Ken Wells two positions to her left. His hands were shaking. She shook her head. “Poor guy.” She thought as she gazed at another female cadet. Brittany Wilton.  Bottle blonde with a brain like a box of rocks. She thought her way through the academy was to shake and shimmy. “No wonder these guys think women cannot cut it.” Suddenly she felt warm breath against her neck, “Ready Wallace?” Ken George stood behind her. Gorgeous to look at. Ken stood like an Adonis. His ego matched his swagger. She was now the boar he was hunting. He towered above her and closed into her personal space. “It’s just your first time. Do not worry if you don’t do well. We can arrange for some extra practice if you need to.” “Thank you sir.” Bobbi bristled and stemmed the eye roll and the desire to kick him in the balls.

She checked her weapon. The Glock 19 9mm with 15 rounds was comfortable in her hand. This was not the first time she shot a pistol. “Eye wear on, Ear protection in, All Clear, Ready, Fire.” Montgomery commanded. Bobbi raised the pistol and fired. She sighted the first bullet as it pierced the target dead center.  Stifling the smile, she fired the remaining bullets in a perfect circle at the 2 inch radius. Upon completion, she placed the weapon down. “You are full of surprises Wallace.” Ken George sneered into her hair. Bobbi raised an eyebrow. “Yes sir.”

The long day complete Bobbi returned to her parent’s penthouse. She dropped her pack and collapsed onto the stunning black couch plopping her feet on the glass coffee table. She starred exhaustedly at the city skyline. “This would kill them.” Her eyes closed as she fell into a deep sleep.

Blood Obsession

The offshore breeze blew softly. The sails of the boat rippled gently in the wind. Bobbi lay dozing on the deck. Her eyes dampened by tears of her last memories of Erik. She loved him and tomorrow would keep her solemn    promise. The police academy beckoned her to begin a new life. Today she remembered his touch. His caress made her quake with desire. They made love that last morning together. His naked body glistened with sweat from their passion. She watched him leave their apartment never to feel his breath against her again.