Blood Obsession: Roberta

New York society was gathered to raise money for promoting art in city schools. Evelyn and Arthur Wallace purchased a table at Waldorf Gala. Their law firm would me making a $1,000,000 contribution. Roberta sat with her occasion date Andrew Marcus and her parents partners in the firm. Tonight she wore the uniform of Roberta. A one shouldered black silk floor length dress. Her hazel eyes highlighted in smokey green makeup. Her lips blushed with a bright red. Around her neck she wore an emerald necklace that glimmered in the light. Andrew’s hand remained possessively on her knee despite her quiet attempts to slip free.

“Roberta, this is your last night to back out of your little folly.” Andrew smirked. Bobbi as she preferred o be called pushed his hand away again. “Andrew, tomorrow I graduate as a New York police officer. It is my career, not a folly.” She shook her head. Andrew’s dad looked at his son with dismay. “Leave the poor girl alone.” Trying to come to her aid. “That’s the point Dad. She is not poor.” Arthur Wallace stood and took his daughter’s hand. “Come dance with your old man.” He escorted her into the crowd on the dance floor.

The next morning Bobbi sat in her blue uniform. Madison Square Garden was filled with 1000 new police officers. Graduation occurring in time to be on the streets for New Years Eve in Time Square. She was pleased to actually have an excuse rather than see Andrew again. Her parents remained deeply hopeful that they would marry one day.

Bobbi listened attentively as her comrades were bestowed service awards. The Police Commissioner spoke of each ones accomplishments. “This is a first in our department history. The Deputy Commissioner of training award for firearms proficiency goes to  24 year old probationary police officer Roberta Wallace with a score of 100 percent. Officer Wallace is a college graduate and is proficient in two languages.

Bobbi rose to applause to accept her award.  Cameras flashed as she stood with the mayor and the police commissioner. “I would rather be in this uniform.” She quietly mused to herself.

That night after a perfunctory family celebratory dinner Bobbi slipped away to join her colleagues at a midtown cop bar. Flannery’s owned by a retired State Police Officer, was dark and loud. The sound of ice clinking filled the air. Bobbi sat in a large booth with 6 of her classmates. She sipped a beer as they bantered about their new assignments. They toasted. “Tomorrow a new beginning.”

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