Fall in the woods

There was nothing like the smell of fresh hay and the knicker of horses in the distance frolicking in their pens. Bobbi slipped her foot into the stirrup and lifted herself effortlessly onto her mount. Sinbad. Her mind was overflowing with Penal law facts and her body was sore from being mock arrested along with her fellow police academy enrollee’s. The minute class ended for the week, she hit the rode bound for home. Rising in the morning with the first rays of light, a ride along the trails was what she needed.

Sunlight shined through the dwindling canopy above her head. Sinbad’s ears were back and his mane ruffled with the desire to run. Excitement from the wind filled his flanks. Bobbi worked to hold him back. Cleared at last from the  uneven ground, she let him go across the meadow. Here she was free. No past to relive, no future preplanned. The sound of her horse’s hooves against the earth and the breeze through her hair. Crack. The sound of a rifle echoed in the distance. The wind made it hard for her to pinpoint the sound. Crack. A second shot was loud enough to startle Sinbad and give Bobbi a clue to the direction. She tapped his sides and they hit a gallop.

Bobbi pulled the reins as they cleared the field and entered another wooded path. Voices drew her closer. Quickly, she dismounted and tied Sinbad to a tree, trying to understand the scene playing out in front of her. Her neighbors elderly mother was standing in front of their barn, pointing an old Remington hunting rife at her two great-grandson’s. “You boys, you don’t belong here. You need to get going. There’s nothing here for you to steal.” 93 year old Ida Baxter yelled. As Bobbi approached, she leveled the gun on her.

Bobbi lifted her hand behind her back and waived the two boys away. Her mom shared with her a month earlier that Ida’s Alzheimer’s disease had worsened. “Hi, Mrs. Baxter. How are you today?” Bobbi tried to engage the woman in conversation. “It’s a beautiful day today.”

“Did you see those boys. Coming here to make mischief.” Ida still kept the weapon pointed at Bobbi.

“They’re gone now. How about we go inside and have some tea?” Bobbi suggested.

“Do, I know you?” Ida creased her brows. She stepped closer to look at Bobbi. “Evelyn is that you?”

Bobbi realized, Ida thought she was her mother. “Yes ma’am. How about we have that drink?” The older woman lowered the weapon. Bobbi reached for the barrel and pulled it toward her.

“How about we have a real drink? Is it to early for Brandy?” Ida asked.

“Anything you want.” Bobbi wrapped an arm around the woman. A half hour later they were joined by Ida’s youngest son. He found Bobbi sitting with his mom, sharing a Brandy and eating cookies at 830 in the morning.

“I owe you thanks.” Owen Baxter said to Bobbi.

She smiled. “When do i get to drink Brandy and eat cookies?” Ida appeared tired. Her son escorted her to her room for a nap. The aide they hired had a family emergency and was late. The great grandson’s volunteered to help but unfortunately, she didn’t recognize her.”

Bobbi returned to Sinbad. She took the ride home at a comfortable walk. Her thoughts drifted to family. Or as she reminded herself, her small family. The only child, would she ever have a family of her own? Would she have to settle for the man her family expected her to marry. A man she didn’t love. Or would she meet her knight in shining armor. Sinbad neighed. A small tornado of leaves snaked up into the sky. Bobbi let her thoughts go again as she took off flying toward the morning sun.







Blood Obsession: Marathon

A half marathon in NYC is a logistical nightmare. Thousands of runners and thousands of spectators and thousands of rookie cops. 32 degrees out adds EMS and this day was going to fall apart fast. Bobbi was assigned as a rookie and a runner thanks to her boss who was always looking to show off his assets.

The crowd was happy, pumped up and so cold. A dry cold like the folks in Arizona called a dry heat. Bullshit. It was bitter.

Bobbi took a position mid pack radio and uniform displaying she was there to help. The running outfit brought lots of unwanted attention of the hit on kind. She went into her debutante mode and smiled her breathless, white smile. “Thank you for the lovely offer but I’m attached.” Her voice was sultry. She commented to an attractive stock broker running for a cause.

Bobbi waited for the gun and jogged off into the crowd. She spied fellow rookies in the heavy security as she continued the route watching and listening for any issues. Her radio continued a low sputter of falls and injuries but nothing major. She actually started to feel the burn of a good run when the sound tore through her.

A shriek enveloped her. Ice ran through her veins. This was blood curdling. Bobbi laser focused on the sound coming from an apartment on the sidelines. A window without a guard stood wide open. There hanging from the ledge was a small toddler. In the window stood a very large woman wielding a large carving knife. Bobbi cleared the channel and radioed for help. Help that if too loud, too slow, too anything would kill the baby. Bobbi pressed through the congregating crowd to further asses the building chaos. She was quickly joined by a small cadre. Officers began entering the area but the woman menacing in the window fixated on her.

“The devil is in my child. He is evil.” The woman yelled at Bobbi. Bobbi stared at her and considered her words. “What’s his name?” She called to the distraught mother. “Jedediah.” The crazed woman answered. “Ma’am that name means beloved by god.” Bobbi recalled the bit of name trivia. “He can’t be cursed by the devil.” Bobbi watched as the tow headed child looked like he was losing his fortitude. Bobbi maintained focus on the mom but spoke to the child. She glanced at the crowd and prayed help would come. And then it happened in slow motion. The little boy let go and started to fall. Slow motion the toddler fell through the cold air. Bobbi heard a scream. She quickly realized it was hers. And then a whoosh. The little boy was caught in the burly arms of two runners who stopped to see the commotion. Safe. And then the shot in the apartment. Mom charged at the arriving cops. Gone.

And there it was. Life changes in a heartbeat. It was over. One life saved. One life gone. Breath held was let go. Bobbi felt weary. Time for reports and statements on a marathon day.

Bobbi arrived home late. Her heart was heavy. She felt empty and alone. She missed Erik’s strong arms. She missed his love. She ached for the tender touch he could give her. She felt lost.

Blood Obsession: Fire and Love

Bobbi snatched one of Markie’s cookies off the counter. The delicious oatmeal raisin confection melted in her mouth. She smiled as she stepped from the third floor appointment. “Breakfast of Champions.” The day was warm, sunny and inviting. She sucked in a breath wishing she was on her way to anywhere but work. Her body was still tingling from her first kiss with Max.

The subway stop was busy and hot. The smell of the city was wafting through the grates. She watched the people rushing to get to work or home. They moved engrossed in their actions, not paying any attention to the world around them. On the other hand, she saw it all: the woman in heels so high, she looked like she was going to fall after every step. The man talking loudly on his phone to his wife trying to explain that he spent the night before in the office while escorting a woman clearly not his wife. The mother taking her children to school and the two marine recruiters literally pressed into the uniforms. She held the steel pole and swayed with the moving car. All of a sudden, a bump disrupted her footing and she held tightly trying not to fall.

Thick smoke began to fill the train. Screams and coughing rolled through the derailed cars. Bobbi pulled her phone from her bag and called in the emergency advising the operator that she was onboard. She needed to figure out a plan of attack. Quickly she identified herself and advised the car’s occupants to stay low. As panic set in among the souls on the train, she did her best to prevent people from jumping onto the electrified track.

Within minutes, the city’s bravest began to gain access. Bobbi’s lungs felt scorched. Her eyes stung and her nose poured irritated by the acrid smoke. She pulled her badge from her bag and strung it around her neck. She stayed present in the car until the last passenger was evacuated.

Max strutted into the office carrying coffee for all his colleagues. Bob McCauley entered the squad room, a look of concern on his face. The one train derailed between 14th and 18th. There are reports of smoke and fire. “Bobbi is on board.” Anxiety ripped at his stomach. Her friends all immediately stood and took to the door. They split up. Half went to the 14th street station and Max and Dave Jordan and two others headed to 18th street.

Fire apparatus littered the street. Smoke continued to pour from the exits and EMS personnel were busy treating the injured. Max raked his fingers through his hair. His grey eyes were filled with fear. Dave Jordan approached the three star fire chief on scene. “We’ve got a cop on board the train.” The Chief crisply called into the radio. His dark eyes gave nothing away. But the smoke filling the air and the carnage displayed in the roadway said it all.

Firefighters held Max back as he tried to run into the fray. “It’s two dangerous man.” A burly firefighter grabbed him. “There’s no air down there.” Bobbi fought to breathe, the acrid smoke started to take its toll. Sooted, silver streaks stained her cheeks. Her swollen eyes leaked wet tears. The last person, an obese male who collapsed was cleared from the car. “C’mon Ma’am”, a young, tall firefighter with brown unkempt hair led her to the ladder that would free her from the car. As she climbed the rungs, he maintained a hand in the small of her back to support her rapidly weakening knees.

Bobbi reached the top of the ladder and her lungs no longer provided the needed air for her exertion. Her head spun and she collapsed. The firefighter caught her before she crashed back to the subway car floor. Moments later the smokey sunlight enveloped the pair. Max whipped around at the sight. His eyes filled with terror. His first instinct was to rip her from the firefighter’s arms. But common sense took over and he let the EMT’s treat her.

As cool oxygen filled her lungs her eyes opened. His grey stare met her hazel eyes. His lips caressed her sooty brow. “Princess.” He took her hand and brushed the back of it with his rough fingers. “Hi.” She coughed heavily. “Shhhh.” He winked at her. New sooty tears filled her eyes. He smiled at her with sexy eyes. His lips remained tight in a grim line unable to hide his worry. Her senses reeled at his protective touch. “Rest. Let them take care of you.” She closed her eyes, his face imprinted in her mind, his love filling her heart.

Blood Obsession: Reality Bites

The dinner was coming to a close. Andrew maintained a possessive arm around her. Bobbi was exhausted. She worked through the morning processing an arrest. Now she sat with her parents, supporting an anti hunger campaign for the city. Her mom took her hand. “Roberta, honey, you need to get more rest. You are working impossibly long hours.” “Mom, I’m fine. Really.” She just wanted to crawl into bed for a month. “Roberta wouldn’t have to work so hard if she came to her senses and quit that job.” Andrew huffed. Bobbi shrugged out of his grasp. “I am not debating my job with you.”

The next afternoon, Bobbi walked into the locker room. She approached her locker and her heart sank. Plastering the metal doors was the page six photo. “Roberta Wallace, progeny of Wall Street power couple Evelyn Stein and Arthur Wallace attends Gala on the arm of NY Eligible bachelor Andrew Marcus.” She closed her eyes, inhaled deeply and changed into her uniform.

The whistles barraged her as she walked into roll call. She gritted her teeth and tried to ignore the joke at her expense. This was her world. She felt she didn’t fit in anywhere.

“Are you okay?” Steve asked her. Bobbi watched the sidewalk as they drove. “Yeah, I guess. I knew this would come out eventually.” “Partner you clean up pretty nice.” The black dress with a sweetheart neckline and empire waist flatter her every curve.” Bobbi laughed.

Read more about how Bobbi lives in two worlds. Blood Obsession by RL Dunn is available on Amazon and  iTunes.

Blood Obsession: New Start Part 2

Max sat at his desk rolling his wedding ring with his thumb.  His eyes focused on the now empty desk. “Hit the ground running, will try to call when I can. <3” The text message filled the screen of his phone. “<3” He responded back. The choice to move on was right. He knew it,  but would the transfer to Special Victim’s Unit be good for her? He tried to shake off the feeling as being overprotective. He thought instead of her first week in the unit. Dave and Rose were assigned to court and he was assigned ‘Princess’. Chuckling to himself at the memory of the first time he called her that. She never complained. A nickname first mentioned to tease was now the term of his deep love for her. She was his princess.

The Brownstone building was old and stately. The old iron elevator barely contained the two of them. The gate intricately carved in flowers and ivy. The doors closed and her fragrance wafted in the air. He was lost. “Buckley, for Christ sakes you are 31 years old. Stop feeling like you are 15.” These feelings unnerved him. Both reached for the bell. Her hand brushed against his and he felt electricity. “You okay?” Her voice soft and concerned. He shrugged his shoulders. He watched her pony tail swing as they waited.

Leonard Bosworth answered the door. The 28 year old trust fund baby was wearing tight leather pants that left nothing to the imagination. His black tee shirt was equally tight revealing a taut rippled abdomen. “Detective Buckley and Wallace to see Leonard Bosworth.” Max extended his hand. “Come in detectives.” He stared at Bobbi, a hint of recognition in his eyes. Max sat on the blood red couch. Bobbi chose the high backed intricately carved chair. “Can you tell us what was stolen?” Bosworth answered Max, watching Bobbi like prey. Bobbi tilted her head apparently bemused at the unwanted attention. He pointed at the empty grey wall. “My Picasso.” Bobbi stood and walked to the wall. Both men watched her run her fingers against the wall. “Quick repair?” Bobbi now stood directly in front of him. Max watched her roll her bottom lip under the top. Again she tilted her head. Max fought to suspend his sudden desire to devour her mouth. “What do you mean detective?” “The wall is warm. The plaster is fresh.” Bobbi backed up. Bosworth stood placing a controlling hand on Bobbi’s hip. He liked what he saw. Before Bobbi could react, Max rose like a cobra ready to strike. Bosworth withdrew his hand. Max moved between them. “How dare he even think to touch her?” subduing his desire to deck him. “What was behind the painting?” Bosworth’s mouth curled downward in a frown.

Bosworth sat. His face a combination of rage and frustration. No woman ever questioned him. Bobbi was under his skin. “I do not know what you mean.” Max pulled himself out of his fog. “Answer Detective Wallace’s question.” His voice icy. Bobbi stood again running one freshly manicured finger along the intricate chair rail molding. Max watched wishing he was beneath that touch. She paused, smiled and pressed. The wall slid open revealing a safe. Bobbi walked over to Max and away from the pretentious man triumphant. Leonard Bosworth was used to getting what he wanted. Bobbi was used to men like him. He disgusted her. Max’s anger flared and continued the interview no longer distracted.

Two hours later, they parted company. It was clear the painting was the least of his losses. Mr. Bosworth lost two million dollars worth of untraceable bearer bonds. “Okay princess, tell me how the hell you knew?” “Beginner’s luck.” Bobbi’s smile was warm and seductive. She did not want to say that there was a similar vault in her own home. Max melted again. His imagination was wild. He wondered what other secrets were under that beautiful exterior. The phone returned him to reality.

Bobbi and her new partner Kurt Walden drove east to the Suffolk County home of Kyle Schmitt, Emily’s boyfriend and rapist. “Bobbi, I am really sorry about what happened at the hospital.” “Kurt how could you know?” “You are my partner now. I should have asked. Forgive me?” Kurt pulled up in front of the brown ranch home.”

Fran Schmitt, Kyle’s mom answered the door. Kurt and Bobbi decided they would play it as a notification rather than an accusatory interview. “Mrs. Schmitt, we would like to speak with Kyle about his girlfriend Emily.” She opened the door for them.

Kyle was 6’2 with hazel eyes and black wiry hair. He nervously played with his phone. “Kyle, Emily wanted us to speak with you. She was hurt at school last night.” “Oh my god, what happened?” Bile rose in Bobbi’s throat. “She was attacked.” Kurt continued. “Really, I told her she could get hurt leaving like that.” “Leaving like what?” “Going away, living in a dorm. Bad things can happen.” Bobbi noticed he never asked about her. “She is very upset.” “She should be. She learned what happens to bad girls.” Kurt stiffened. “What happens?” Bobbi asked her voice childlike. “She gets taught a lesson.” “What kind of lesson.” Kurt pushed. “She gets reminded who’s the boss.” Kyle shifted to the edge of his seat. “Kyle, don’t you want to know how Emily is?” “I know.” “You know what?” ” i know what happened. She should be good and sore. She knows she’s mine.” Kurt flashed a look at Bobbi. “Sore from what?” “I took what’s mine. I fucked that little bitch hard. No one will want those goods but me.” “Kyle Schmitt, please stand up.” Before Kurt could finish his statement, Kyle ran. “Son of a bitch, they always run.” Kurt and Bobbi followed after him. Bobbi tore out the door with Kurt on her heels. Kyle jumped the fence in a neighboring yard. Bobbi vaulted the fence diving for Kyle’s knees. She brought him down hard. Kurt reached them in time to help her secure him. “Kyle Schmitt, you are under arrest.”

Bobbi was fast asleep when he got home. He carefully locked his gun away and went downstairs to unwind. He turned an old World War II movie and sipped a beer. Andrew slipped into her room. His hand snaked around her face. He hiked up her nightgown and forced his way inside her. “No! Stop!” Bobbi screamed at the top of her lungs. Max dropped the beer and ran taking the steps two at a time. Bobbi’s screams continued unabated. Max throw open the bedroom door. His breath caught in his throat. Gently, he approached her screaming form. The dream had a deep hold. Her hands beat at him. “Bobbi, I’m here. Princess, you are safe. Shhh.” He cooed pulling her into his embrace. Her eyes flew open tears replacing the screams.



Blood Obsession

The offshore breeze blew softly. The sails of the boat rippled gently in the wind. Bobbi lay dozing on the deck. Her eyes dampened by tears of her last memories of Erik. She loved him and tomorrow would keep her solemn    promise. The police academy beckoned her to begin a new life. Today she remembered his touch. His caress made her quake with desire. They made love that last morning together. His naked body glistened with sweat from their passion. She watched him leave their apartment never to feel his breath against her again.